A gateway to success for young contemporary artists marks its 7th contest

art award tokyo Marunouchi (a.a.t.m.) is an exhibition held for the purpose of discovering and nurturing young artists. Directly connected to Tokyo Station, Gyoko-Dori Underground Gallery with the length of 220m is where office workers and shoppers walk through. About 30 gems of contemporary art selected from artworks displayed at graduation exhibitions of nationwide art colleges and universities are brought together in the gallery. In the past six exhibitions, as many as 246 artists were introduced, and a.a.t.m. has established itself as a gateway to success for young artists. This year, in addition to the annual award exhibition, there is a section special for artworks by artists who participated in the past contests and are now in the spotlight. We hope you will look forward to young talents found in Marunouchi leading the coming generation in art worldwide.

Message from Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd.
To achieve our aim of developing Marunouchi into an area that would become “the world most interactive town” well balanced between economy, community, environment and culture, Mitsubishi Estate has been promoting development of the community through events related to arts and music, including the opening of Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo in 2010 as well as the activities of a.a.t.m.. Last year, a.a.t.m. Mitsubishi Estate Award was founded, and the award-winning work was exhibited in a space on the 36th floor of Marunouchi Building. We will continue to provide young artists with opportunities to work actively in the world.



Taro Amano
Chief Curator, Yokohama Museum of Art
Yuka Uematsu
Chief Curator, The National Museum of Art, Osaka
Shigeo Goto
Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design
Kazue Kobata
Professor, Department of Intermedia Art, Tokyo University of the Arts
Tomio Koyama
Director, Tomio Koyama Gallery, and Special Appointment Associate Professor, School of Global Japanese Studies, Meiji University
Naoki Sato
Art director, ASYL, 3331 Arts Chiyoda Design Director, and Associate Professor, Tama Art University
Akiya Takahashi
Director, Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum
Yuko Hasegawa
Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo and Professor, Tama Art University
Guest Judge
Fuyuko Matsui


Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibition Fuyuko MATSUI Exhibition, GALLERY NARUYAMA, Tokyo
Solo Exhibition Fuyuko MATSUI Exhibition, HIRANO Museum, Shizuoka
Solo Exhibition Fuyuko MATSUI Exhibition, Gallerie DA-END, Paris
Solo Exhibition Fuyuko MATSUI: Becoming Friends with All the Children in the World, Yokohama Museum of Art, Kanagawa
Group Exhibition Phantoms of Asia, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

Fuyuko Matsui portraits singular images on silk canvas using antiquate technique of Japanese painting. Audience receives agony and sense of violence by ominous images such as a dog that looks like a spirit, a woman showing her organs, a flower reminds us of ghost and shapes that appear to be a chart used for psychiatric purposes. In 2011, Fuyuko Matsui had her solo exhibition at Yokohama Museum of Art, which attracted over 70,000 visitors in a period of three months.
Upon this exhibition, Fuyuko made her first film piece Regeneration of a Bleached Thought (2:58) which has expanded the possibility of the artist.

Joining the Conversion 2011年 絹本着色、軸 30.0×80.0cm
Joining the Conversion, 2011 Hanging Scroll, Color Pigment on Silk, 30 x 80


Initial Screening

3/30 (Sat.)
Works are chosen for initial screening from amongst graduation project exhibits at art universities. The Screening Committee selects works to be shown in the exhibition. (30 artists)


Final Screening (Open to the public)

4/27 (Sat.)
Subsequent to the initial exhibition at Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery, the Grand Prize and other prize winners are determined at the final Screening Committee meeting.


Public Exhibition

4/27 (Sat.)~5/26 (Sun.)


Grand Prize 1
Runner-up Prize 1
Judge’s Prize 9
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. Prize 1
Mr. Reiichi Noguchi, Senior Curator, Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum will select the artwork.
The winner of this prize will be given an opportunity to present his/her works in Marunouchi, Tokyo.
shu uemura Prize 1
shu uemura - the art of beauty - Following Mr. Shu Uemura's philosophy, the brand continues to build the connection between art and beauty. The shu uemura Prize establishes a commitment to discover and support young talented artists. The artwork of the winner will be introduced through shu uemura's official website and through its publicity activities.
French Embassy Prize 1
The winner of this prize will be given an opportunity to hold a solo exhibition at the Entrance Hall of the La Maison Franco-Japonaise (3-9-25, Ebisu, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo).
H.P.FRANCE Prize 1
The winner of this prize will be given an opportunity to hold a solo exhibition at the H.P.France Window Gallery (Marunouchi Building 1st Floor, Tokyo), run by H.P.France.
Audience Prize 1
The winner will be selected by audience voting.
Voting Period: from 4/27 (Sat.) to 5/12 (Sun.)

Information / Access

art award tokyo marunouchi 2012

2013/4/27(Sat.) - 5/26(Sun.)
[Opening Hours]
11:00 – 20:00
Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery
Free admission
art award tokyo marunouchi 2013 Executive Committee
[Special Sponsor]
shu uemura
Ambassade de France au Japon
H.P.FRANCE / La Maison franco-japonaise



Final Screening and Award Ceremony * Open to the Public

2013/4/27 (Sat.)

  • 13:00 - Final Screening
    Venue: Gyoko-Dori Underground Gallery
  • 18:00 - Award Ceremony
    Venue: 21 gokan club

Talk show, gallery tour and special art related events will be held during this period.
For further and the latest information please visit a.a.t.m. website